Members receive a store-wide discount

For frequent customers, this deal is rockin’. As a member of our Mill City Vinyl  Club, you’ll receive discounts and special offers one year from enrollment.

Receive special benefits, too

Mill City Vinyl Club members also enjoy a number of exclusive perks:

  • Early access to some record sales, giving you a head start before the store opens
  • 10% off new & used records & CD’s
  • 20% off on Tuesday’s all used vinyl and CD’s
  • Invitations to special events

The Mill City Vinyl Club membership fee is $20, and runs one year from your signup date. Check out our Facebook page for details on Club events.


It all starts with the turntable.

At Mill City Sound, we believe that the real magic occurs when the needle hits the groove. All you need to capture the true vinyl experience is a good turntable, properly set up and adjusted with a good cartridge. If you have a turntable, we can give it a tune-up. If you need a turntable, we’ll help you and set up a great one.

Explore a wide selection.

New to vinyl? We offer a number of inexpensive turntables. Ready for an upgrade? Choose from variety of high-quality belt and direct drive models. Most importantly, we can help you choose the right turntable for you. And remember: We provide free setup and calibration – so all you need to do is bring it home and plug it in.

Already have a turntable?

We can refurbish yours for $49.99. This includes cleaning and lubrication of all moving parts, checking & recalibrating all turntable speeds, and adjusting stylus tracking, anti-skate, cartridge azimuth and tonearm height.

We can also replace the turntable belts, phonograph cartridges and replacement stylus/needles at an additional cost.

Don’t forget the cartridge.

Your turntable is only as good as its stylus and cartridge. And we have a complete line of them. Installation is free, too. Just bring in your turntable and we’ll take care of the rest. PS, Mill City stocks a complete line of styluses, so when you need a replacement, we just might have it in stock.

Stereo components & more

We also offer a full line of stereo components, including powered speakers, phono pre-amps, stereo receivers, mixers, Bluetooth & USB audio interfaces and other stereo components. Mill City offers a complete line from manufacturers including Audio Technica, Cambridge Audio, Neon, Ortofon and many more. And hey, if you are looking for audio cables and connectors, we stock those as well.


Get top dollar for music in good condition.

Bring us your vinyl LPs, 45s, and CDs in any of the following genres: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Reggae, Country, Electronica, and Folk.

Our expert buyers know quality. They’ll explain how much everything is worth, and will pay you a fair price for your music.

Sell us your whole collection!

Mill City Sound has rapidly become known as one of the largest purchasers of used vinyl in the upper Midwest. Selling your LP collection (your 45s, too) is a breeze. We don’t cherry pick – we buy the the entire collection.

Need help appraising your collection?

Give us a call and our experts will help you determine what your records are worth. And then we’ll pay you cash for them.

We buy quality CD collections, too.

We make house calls.

Some collections are just too large to haul in. No worries, we’ll come to you. Just call us at 952-456-6547 to schedule an appointment for an in-home appraisal. And for those very special vinyl and CD collections, we’ve even been known to travel out of state for purchases.