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WALLOWS / Model (Indie Exclusive, Color Vinyl)

LABEL: Atlantic UPC: 075678609732 GENRE: Rock RELEASE DATE: 5/24/2024
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Wallows / MODEL / The trio - comprised of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston - recently announced their upcoming album, which is set to drop May 2024 via Atlantic Records. Product info: Indie Exclusive vinyl, Solid Orchid/Translucent Orange Crush

1 Your Apartment
2 Anytime, Always
3 Calling After Me
4 Bad Dream
5 A Warning
6 I Wouldn't Mind
7 You (Show Me Where My Days Went)
8 Canada
9 Don't You Think It's Strange?
10 She's An Actress
11 Going Under
12 Only Ecstasy