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Label: J&R Adventures CD Genre: Blues Release Date: 8/7/2020
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2020 release. To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of his debut album, A New Day Yesterday, Joe Bonamassa issues a newly re-mixed and re-recorded version called, A New Day Now. Joe re-sang all the vocals over and played new guitar tracks on some songs too. Kevin Shirley remixed the album. This version includes three bonus tracks produced by Stevie Van Zandt (written by Stevie and Joe) which were demos from the '90s that never made it on to any records. Never heard before vintage Joe!


1 Cradle Rock

2 Walk in My Shadow

3 A New Day Yesterday

4 I Know Where I Belong

5 Miss You, Hate You

6 Nuthin' I Wouldn't Do (For a Woman Like You)

7 Colour and Shape

8 Headaches to Heartbreaks

9 Trouble Waiting

10 If Heartaches Were Nickels

11 Current Situation

12 Don't Burn Down That Bridge

13 Hey Mona

14 I Want You

15 Line of Denial