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Bonny Light Horseman / Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free (CD)

LABEL: Jagjaguwar UPC: 656605246024 GENRE: Rock RELEASE DATE: 6/7/2024
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Bonny Light Horseman's new album, Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free, is an ode to the blessed mess of our humanity. Confident and generous, it is an unvarnished offering that puts every feeling and supposed flaw out in the open. The themes are stacked high and staked even higher: love and loss, hope and sorrow, community and family, change and time all permeate Bonny Light Horseman's most vulnerable and bounteous offering to date. Yet for all of it's humanistic touchpoints, Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free was forged from a kind of unexplainable magic.

1 Keep Me on Your Mind
2 Lover Take It Easy
3 I Know You Know
4 Grinch / Funeral
5 Old Dutch
6 When I Was Younger
7 Waiting and Waiting
8 Hare and Hound
9 Rock the Cradle
10 Singing to the Mandolin
11 The Clover
12 Into the O
13 Don't Know Why You Move Me
14 Speak to Me Muse
15 Think of the Royalties, Lads
16 Tumblin Down
17 I Wanna Be Where You Are
18 Over the Pass
19 Your Arms (All the Time)
20 See You Free